Q. What size shoes should I order?
A. As our footwear is built for performance we recommend going for a half size bigger than your normal 'street shoe' size to allow for foot muscle expansion.

Q. What is the difference between your 'SC' and 'NC' shoes?
A. UK Gear 'SC' (Structured Cushioning) shoes have a second density EVA on the medial side (inside) of the shoes midsole. This second density is harder than on rest of the midsole therefore providing additional stability on the instep during the gait cycle. Most runners require a little support in this region however for those that do not the 'NC' (Neutral Cushioning) version has single density midsole EVA material throughout.

Structured Cushioning (SC): supportive and long lasting with an excellent level of cushioning. Well suited for runners with an average running gait and mild to moderate stability needs.

Neutral Cushioning (NC): gives maximum shock absorption in an extremely durable and flexible package. Designed for the neutrally efficient runner who doesn't require extra stability.

Q. What foot type am I?
A. Please view this pdf for further information.

Q. Do you offer width fittings in your footwear?
A. Currently UK Gear only offer a standard men's 'D' and woman's 'B' fit in all it's footwear.

Q. How do I make a Return or an Exchange?
A. We work hard on developing durable, comfortable products however, if you find them unsuitable for your requirements you can return them for a full refund or an exchange... in any condition, within 21 days of purchase. Please click here for further information. 

Please send the product back to us together with a completed returns form as follows... http://www.ukgear.com/customer_returns.php (Please ensure your correct region is selected in order to get the appropriate returns form).

Q. How does your product development relationship with the British Army work?
A. UK Gear have a unique licensing agreement with the British Army. A royalty is paid on all products sold which benefits the welfare of soldiers and their families.

UK Gear design and develop product in association with the Army Physical Training Corps (APTC), the elite fitness professionals of the British Army. We then supply the Army with product samples and they test them to destruction in various locations around the world. The product continues to be developed based on the feedback and recommendations received until the Army finally give their stamp of approval allowing it to display their famous 'crossed swords' insignia. 

In exchange a percentage of all our profits are given to the Army to help in soldier welfare programmes.

Q. Which stores can I view your products in?
A. Our distribution network is continually growing. To view the latest listing of stores stocking UK Gear please click here... http://www.ukgear.com/Stockists.asp

Q. When is it time to retire my running shoes?
A. There are various factors involved in the wear of shoes: body weight, running style (particularly how hard the runner strikes the ground), temperature (see question below) and running surfaces. However, it is generally accepted by runners that you should replace your shoes between 300 to 500 miles of use and that the vast majority of runners replace their shoes too late. Bear in mind that modern carbon rubber outsoles can often far outlast the midsole EVA however it is the midsole that provides the majority of the cushioning required to help avoid aches and pains in the lower limbs. 

UK Gear use some of the best available materials to typically give a lifespan between 400 and 600 miles on it's products.

Q. How does temperature effect the performance of my running shoes?
A. Hot temperatures can cause adhesives and midsoles soften providing less cushioning and stability. Cold temperatures can cause the midsole to become too hard, again not providing enough suitable cushioning. It is for these reasons that UK Gear and the British Army have developed the PT-03 DESERT and the PT-03 WINTER shoes. Each shoe utilises materials developed for these temperature specific environments.

Q. Where are your shoes made?
A. UK Gear shoes are designed and developed in Warwickshire England, manufactured in Vietnam and wear tested by the British Army in various locations around the world.

Q. Will you sponsor me or my team?
A. UK Gear's key relationship is with the British Army. Only in exceptional circumstances will UK Gear consider sponsoring an individual or team.

Q. Do your shoes contain any animal products?
A. No, currently all UK Gear shoes are made using only synthetic materials.

Q. How do you recommend I clean my shoes?
A. For the best results handwash only in warm water using a soft scrubbing brush (or even an old toothbrush). To dry, shake off any excess water and stuff with old newspaper. Leave 24hours to dry naturally somewhere warm ie. on a windowsill if it's sunny or alternatively in an airing cupboard. You can speed up the drying process by changing the newspaper a couple of times. Do NOT place the shoes directly onto, or even next to, any direct heat source such as a radiator as this can permanently damage both the cushioning and the adhesives used on the shoe!!

If you absolutely must use a washing machine always use the gentlest cycle available together with the coolest temperature... do not spin dry. Brush off loose mud and take out the insoles. Put each shoe into an old pillowcase, then add a couple of towels to the wash to help cushion against the wall of the drum. We recommend that you only use very mild detergents if at all. To dry, simply follow the instructions above. Please note that UK Gear do not accept any returns due to washing machine or direct heat damage.

Q. What organisations have worn your products?
A. UK Gear has supplied performance footwear to the following major organisations: The British Army, Royal Navy, Royal Air Force, German Federal Armed Forces (Bundeswehr), the US Air Force Training Academy and the US Military Academy West Point. We have also supplied the SAS, US Navy SEALS, Poland's GROM Special Forces, the Greek Army and shortly the US Coast Guard.

Q. Do you deliver to British Forces PO addresses?
A. Yes, simply register within the UK region for BFPO addresses to be made available in the drop down menus.

Q. Do you deliver to United States Military addresses?
A. Yes, simply register within the USA/Canda region for AA/AE/AP addresses to be made available in the drop down menus.

Q. Can you zero rate a deliveries to BFPO addresses?
A. Yes, for BFPO within the EU the following requirements must be met:
According to Notice 725 10.16 we may zero-rate the supply of goods or services to diplomatic missions, international organisations, visiting NATO forces and their personnel in other Member States provided all of the following four conditions are met:
1. The goods or services must be either for the personal use of entitled persons or the official use of entitled bodies.
2. You obtain documentation from the customer, as laid down by the host authority, for claiming exemption under Article 15 of Council Directive 77/388/EEC.
3. Any goods supplied must be removed from the UK.
4. We keep proof of the removal of the goods.
Therefore, if you believe that you are eligible then you should obtain a certificate complying with 77/388/EEC from your CO or pay office. We can then ship the goods by Special Delivery to the BFPO address.

For those serving outside the EU we are able to export goods VAT free. If you are using a BFPO address we have to check with the VAT people that the BFPO address will qualify for relief.

Q. I would like to join the British Army, can you help?
A. Yes, just apply through the following website... http://www.armyjobs.mod.uk

Q. I would be interested in representing your brand in my region. What should I do?
A. If we do not currently have representation within your region and you would like to discuss the opportunities we could present you with, please email us full details about yourself and your business.